Liverpool Supports Long-term Commitment to Sail Training

31 July 2012

Liverpool Supports Long-term Commitment to Sail Training

The City of Liverpool and Sail Training International are set to join forces to host the inaugural Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta which will see a small fleet of majestic Tall Ships race from Dublin to Liverpool arriving the  city from 30th of August 2012.

As part of Liverpool's commitment to sail training, today the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and Peter Cardy, Chief Executive of Sail Training International gathered together for interview on board the Kathleen & May tall ship, with young trainees from the Merseyside Adventure Sailing trust who are being funded to take part in the Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta. During the interview, they shared details about the exciting voyage ahead, the four-day event being planned for the city and Liverpool's longer-term pledge to Sail Training.

To welcome the Tall Ships and international crews, local organisers are planning a four-day festival with a maritime theme for the final week of the school summer holidays to showcase the city’s spectacular waterfront.  The Tall Ships will bid farewell to Liverpool at 13.30, Sunday 2nd September with an elegant ‘Parade of Sail’, a must see spectacle for all.

There is still a chance for people of any age to experience the thrill of sailing on a Tall Ship as part of the Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta with ships still looking to recruit trainees. Additional funding is available through Sail Training International’s annual bursary scheme.

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