Estonia Extend Friendship

25 August 2012

Estonia Extend Friendship

A team from Sail Training International presented the Captain and crew of St Iv from Estonia with a replica Friendship Trophy and flag today.

So what exactly does it take to win the Friendship Trophy? Captain Margus Zahharov explains: "We are a very open crew and like to welcome everyone.  That is just the way we are.  When Paul Bishop announced us as the winner, we were all genuinely very surprised!"

This year's race series has presented the fleet with challenging weather conditions often causing the need for emergency maintenance and repairs, particularly for the smaller vessels.

Margus and his crew have been able to help fellow members of the fleet with some of that work but in the words of a very modest Captain: "that is just good seamanship."

Sail Training International would like to congratulate all who have sailed on St Iv during this race series.  You  very worthy winners of the Friendship Trophy and we look forward to seeing you in Liverpool for the Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta.

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