Magnificent Spectacle Coming to Dublin

20 August 2012

Magnificent Spectacle Coming to Dublin
John Laing (UK) is the only vessel left to cross the finish line in The Tall Ships Races 2012.  With 89 miles still to go her estimated arrival time is the early hours of tomorrow morning (Tuesday 21 August).

More information about the intentions of vessels, their current situation and when they plan to arrive at Dublin port can be seen here Vessel Arrival Information

Meanwhile activity and excitement is building up around Dublin's docklands as the city prepares for an action packed festival with music, a floating cinema, children's activities, markets, funfair, water sports and lots lots more - 23-26 August.

Paul Bishop, Head of Race Directorate, Sail Training International and Race Director for The Tall Ships Races 2012 said, "Dublin is a fantastic international destination city and I am sure the Captains and crews will have a memorable time.

"The Tall Ships berthing area is in the heart of the city along the North and South of the Quays and we hope that many visitors will enjoy the magnificent spectacle that the array of international tall ships will offer."

Class A

1st: Cuauhtemoc  (Mexico) FINISHED

2nd: Alexander Von Humboldt II (Germany) FINISHED

3rd: Fryderyk Chopin (Poland) FINISHED

Class B
1st: Kapitan Borchard (Poland) FINISHED

2nd: Johanna Lucretia (UK) FINISHED

Class C
1st: Dar Szczecina (Poland) FINISHED

2nd: St Iv (Estonia) FINISHED

3rd: Spaniel (Latvia) FINISHED
Class D
1st: Tomidi (Belgium) FINSHED

2nd: Akela (Russia) FINISHED

3rd: Gigi (UK) FINISHED


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