A rainbow start for Irish Sea Regatta

27 August 2012

A rainbow start for Irish Sea Regatta

The Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta got away with a start window over 2 hours between 1800 and 2000 hrs local time today. The weather at the start time saw a stiff breeze continuing to blow from the south and some choppy seas. At around 1900 hrs a very sharp and powerful shower went through giving all ships some spectacular dark clouds and rainbows. Within an hour this had passed, the seas settled somewhat and ships will have had a beautiful moonlit evening to start the Regatta. By tomorrow we will be able to see which ships have taken which routes in their quest to achieve the aim of covering the highest mileage in the fleet.

To find out how each tall ship is progressing register to follow the fleet for live tracking (updated hourly) or for a list of the official interim results updated twice a day, CLICK HERE

The 11 competing vessels are: Pelican of London, UK; De Gallant, Netherlands; Johanna Lucretia, UK;Kapitan Borchardt, Poland; Maybe, UK; Tecla, Netherlands; Black Diamond of Durham, UK; Challenge Wales, UK; Prolific, Norway; St IvEstonia and Tomidi, Belgium.

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