A Dublin Welcome to the World

23 August 2012

A Dublin Welcome to the World

Captains and dignatories from around the world gathered in Dublin today to mark the official opening of The Tall Ships Races Dublin Festival, 23-26 August.  

Special mention was given to Sail Training International’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for its exemplary work in international relations and to the Captain’s who faced gale conditions at sea on their way to Dublin.  As Dublin's Harbour Master said, “Thank God we got them all in safely!”

The Mayor and Admiral of Dublin port started proceedings with the blast of a caxton and a warm welcome to Dublin.  He encouraging everyone to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy an unprecedented variety of events.

Knut Western, Chairman of The Tall Ships Races saluted everyone gathered and explained how Sail Training International brings sail training and Tall Ship racing together to people from all backgrounds, “Although we organise a race; the fastest vessels of the race aren’t the only winners.  Our Friendship Trophy is the most coveted prize because it is offered to the vessel which has demonstrated the best international understanding.

“And special recognition needs to be given to our very brave trainees who endured extremely rough weather through the Bay of Biscay, on their journey to Dublin.  One Russian trainee told me she had been sick, aching and green for two days.   The tenacity of our trainees is no less Olympic in effort than what we have seen in the athletics in London."

Keith Duffy, first mate of Dublin Tall Ships and former member of boyband Boyzone, concluded the event by saying it made him proud to be Irish and a Dubliner.  “To see the Liffy filled with Tall Ships and people from around the world come together makes this a very special occasion.  I hope everyone embraces this wonderful weekend.”

Tomorrow (15:00, Friday 24th August) 1,800 crew from the Tall Ships Races will parade up the north side of the quays all the way to Custom House.  Directly after the Crew Parade is the prize giving ceremony.

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