Other Tall Ships Regattas

Hosting Other Tall Ships Regattas

Sail Training International is the only international organisation in the world that organises races and regattas for sail training Tall Ships. It organises these events mainly in Europe, but also increasingly elsewhere in the world.

We organise The Tall Ships Races every summer in Northern Europe (from the Baltic to the Iberian Peninsula). The first of these events was more than 50 years ago, and they have grown in size and prestige ever since. Today, they routinely attract a fleet of 80 - 100+ sail training vessels from circa 30 countries, 6 - 8,000 trainees from circa 50 countries, 3 - 4 million visitors and 300 - 400 media representatives to the host ports.

In addition to The Tall Ships Races, Sail Training International organises regular Tall Ships Regattas in various sea areas around Europe. Tall Ships Regattas typically have a smaller fleet of sail training vessels but still offer a spectacular gathering of Tall Ships of all classes, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to each host port. Tall Ships Regattas offer opportunities to a wide variety of ports, including those that do not have the facilities to host the large fleet size often associated with The Tall Ships Races.

During 2013 the hugely successful Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta saw a fleet of more than 40 vessels from 16 countries visit the cities of Barcelona, Toulon and La Spezia. Two Regattas will take place in 2014 – the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta and the Falmouth to Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta.

Any port that is interested in hosting a Tall Ships Regatta should contact office@sailtraininginternational.org