How to be a Good Host Port

On a normal sail training voyage a good port of call adds to the voyage experience for the trainees, and ‘sail training friendly’ ports can help considerably with the provision of needed facilities and services.
Most sail training vessels are owned and operated by not-for-profit organisations and rely a great deal on volunteer help and donations to support their work. What they do contributes a great deal to society at large and deserves wide support and encouragement – not least from and within the ports they visit.
Sail Training International encourages ports to support sail training by offering:

•   no-cost or low-cost berthing and access to tugs
•   elimination or reduction of harbour fees
•   help with bunkering
•   access to laundry facilities, showers and lavatories for the smaller vessels
•   assistance with customs and immigration formalities

A port that is familiar with sail training activities and can help both the vessel and the crew is enormously welcome.  To aid ports in their handling of sail training vessels, Sail Training International has produced a Port Guide and it is available in 3 languages:

Sail Training Friendly Ports Guide English
Sail Training Friendly Ports Guide Norwegian
Sail Training Friendly Ports Guide Spanish