Endorsed Events Scheme

The Sail Training International Endorsed Events Scheme for Europe

The calendar for maritime festivals and other events for the big square-rigged sail training Tall Ships is becoming ever more crowded in Europe. Sail Training International has therefore set up a scheme to help deal with the increasing possibility of clashing dates and help provide cooperation and mutual support in promoting events.

The Endorsed Events scheme benefits event organisers by working with them to promote their events in all Sail Training International’s publications, conferences and publicity. Applications to participate should be made in writing including such information as:

•   where and when the planned event is to take place
•   if there will be a charge for the public
•   number of visitors expected
•   how many and what type of vessels are expected to participate
•   what arrangements will be made for the berthing of the Class A Tall Ships

Full details can be obtained from Sail Training International