Facts and Figures

The glamour and excitement of a visit by the Tall Ships Race fleet is unrivalled in its appeal to a broad spectrum of the public. 

  • Typically 75% of public attending our events do so in company with their family 
  • Around 95% of visitors are there specifically to see the Tall Ships 
  • Approximately 40% of visitors also spend a significant amount of their visit time looking at the attractions around the port as well as the TALL Ships 
  • Over 50% of visitors make at least one purchase of official merchandise during the event (exc food & drink) 
  • Public spending generates local income of between 20-35 million Euros, per port 
  • 94% of visitors report that they would be keen to visit a similar future event and 98% would recommend the event to a friend
2009 Events  No. of vessels  Host ports  No. of Trainees  Public Attendance  Media Attending 
The Tall Ships Races 2009 Baltic Sea 126  Gdynia, Poland
St Petersburg, Russia
Turku, FInland
Klaipeda, Lithuania  
 8,000+ 5,330,000+   500+
Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009  39 Vigo, Spain
Tenerife,  Spain
Hamilton, Bermuda
Charleston, USA
Boston, USA
Halifax, Canada
Belfast, UK

2,500+  4,670,000+  800+
 2010 & Future Events
Est. No.
Host Ports 
 Est. No. 
 Est. Public. 
 Est. No. 
The Tall Ships Races 2010
North Sea 10 July -
10 August 
100  Antwerp, Belgium
Aalborg, Denmark
Kristiansand, Norway
Hartlepool, UK 
7,000+  3,500,000+  500+
Historical Seas Tall Ships
Regatta 2010
9 May - 7 June

50  Volos, Greece
Varna, Bulgaria
Istanbul, Turkey
Lavrion, Greece 
2,500+  2,000,000+   350+
Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta 2010
8 April - 19 April

20  Genoa, Italy
Trapani (Sicily), Italy 
 1550+ 1,400,000+   200+
North Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2010
7 - 19 August

50 Hartlepool, UK
Ijmuiden, Netherlands
4,000+   4,000,000+  400+
Other major events are planned up to four years in advance, in the example of our main European event, the following venues and timings are already confirmed:
The Tall Ships Races 2011
Western Approaches
30 June - 8 August
 110+ Waterford, Ireland
Greenock, UK
Lerwick, UK
Stavanger, Norway
Halmstad, Sweden

 8,000+ 3,000,000+  500+ 
The Tall Ships Races 2012
Iberian Peninsula
5 July - 26 August
 110+ Saint Malo, France
Lisbon, Portugal
Cadiz, Spain
A Coruna, Spain
Dublin, Ireland

8,000+   4,000,000+ 600+ 
The Tall Ships Races 2013
Baltic Sea
Dates tba

 130+ Arhus, Denmark
Helsinki, Finland
Riga, Latvia
Szczecin, Poland
 7,000+ 4,500,000+   600+