Sponsorship Opportunities

The most extraordinary sponsorship opportunity in the world - The largest public attendance of any sports event of exhibition in the world in 2009

Welcome to The Tall Ships Races

  • 5.5 million spectators
  • 8,000 participants from over 50 countries 
  • £1 – £1.5 million value of TV / Radio / Press coverage 
  • More than 500,000 website visitors during the event
With more than eight thousand participants and over five million public visitors, The Tall Ships Races 2009 in Northern Europe was not only the world’s largest annual international sailing event for young people, but also had the largest public attendance of any sports event or exhibition in the world. 

The expansion of race events into a number of new geographic areas, offers the opportunity to deliver your Brand, Corporate, social and commercial messages to this vast audience more effectively than ever.

Sponsorship values range from below €100 thousand to a little over €1 million per year and offers unrivalled access to a broad demographic of participants and spectators as well as repeated and concentrated mass media coverage

The Opportunity 

Tall Ships races and events are about young people, adventure, social responsibility, environmental awareness and concern, heritage and scale - all this set against a stunning backdrop of glamorous vessels, beautiful ports and a fever of festival excitement. 

The Tall Ships Races provide a major opportunity for a sponsoring company to engage in a youth-oriented, educational programme of activities and to build or strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile whilst simultaneously driving their commercial awareness, preference and purchase conversion opportunity to a much wider audience. Therefore sponsorship participation with a Sail Training International race event has the double benefit of commercial opportunity and charitable support.

We are currently offering sponsorship opportunities to those companies, brands or organisations that demonstrate an empathy with our goals, ideals and participating audience. For this reason we do not accept sponsorship from companies involved in tobacco products, alcohol, military equipment or gambling Sail Training International offers three levels of Sponsorship participation for each race series or event. These are:
Title Sponsor 
Presenting Sponsor 
Presenting partner

Full details of benefits and activity valuation are available upon request Sponsorship incomes are subject to a transparent reinvestment policy by Sail Training International and will focus upon three principal areas: 
  1. The promotion of sail training for young people 
  2. Trainee bursaries (helping young people participate in events through subsidised or fully funded trainee placements) 
  3. Event marketing (promoting the event throughout the build up and actual happening) 


A number of opportunities for involvement in 2012 (and beyond) are available, with sponsorship investments ranging from 60,000 Euro up to 1,000,000 Euro We are also happy to discuss the possibilities of new races or events to tie in directly to a sponsor’s strategic aspirations in a specific geographic region. 

For further information on the sponsorship opportunities for Sail Training International Tall Ships races and events, contact Paul Thompson (Commercial Director, Sail Training International) Telephone: +44 (0) 23 9258 6367 Email: paul.thompson@sailtraininginternational.org