Lycamobile Mediterranean
Tall Ships Regatta 2013

    Organised by Sail Training International

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The dates for transfer:
La Spezia 31 ago 14.00 - St. Tropez 7 sett 11.00
St.Tropez 7 sett 18.00 - Rosas 14 sett 11.00
Rosas 14 sett 11.00 - Barcellona 20 sett 11.00

The fee is 600,00 € for person for the race and 500,00€ for the transfer.

For further information, please contact:

Fanja Raffellini
Vela Tradizionale ASD
+39 3803206730


Voyage 1. Sat 21st Sept - Friday 27th Sept.
Barcelona - Toulon (2 places left)
Voyage 2. Sat 28th Sept - Fri 4th Oct
Toulon - La Spezia (4 places left)

Rates € 700 per person per voyage (€1,000 for 2 voyages)

3 Oman bursaries worth up to €500 are available for these voyages. So don't delay!

Contact Sinead at:

If these dates don't suit, there is also an opportunity to build some miles on board Spirit of Oysterhaven while she sails to her winter berth after the festival in La Spezia. Contact Sinead for more details.