Welcome to Barcelona, Spain

  Saturday 21 - Tuesday 24 September 2013

Throughout the history of the city, Barcelona has always maintained an unbreakable bond with the sea. 


Today the Port of Barcelona is one of the Mediterranean’s renowned ports of call. A leading city in hosting International sporting and sailing events. Barcelona is also considered a top touristic destination.


The Port of Barcelona is in constant renovation in order to respond to the increasing demands of vessels. Continuous investment in the latest infrastructure and services, make the Port of Barcelona one of the best harbours in the Mediterranean.


Situated in the heart of the city, Barcelona offers easy access to the city from the Port allowing visitors to enjoy the wide offer of culture and entertainment. 


From the 21st to the 24th of September 2013, Barcelona is proud to welcome the guest ships to the city, for the Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta 2013: a sporting event that will also be a part of Barcelona’s feast day celebrations in honour of “Nuestra Señora de la Merced” (Our Lady of Mercy”), patron Saint of Barcelona. 

La Mercè: 4 days of cultural and sporting activities, workshops, concerts, street parades for the public at large. Crew parades along the piers, guided tours on board the vessels. The city’s celebration of the Mediterranean culture together with, La Mercè a la Mar, “La Mercè at Sea” a special programme drawn up to bring the history of world sailing closer to its citizens.


The Fiesta de la Mercè 2013, has a special guest, the Italian city of La Spezia, thus strengthening the bond between the Mediterranean traditions and its culture of the sea. 

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