The International Sail Training & Tall Ships Conference 2009

The 361 delegates from 31 countries gave the 2009 International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference an overall rating close to 'excellent'.

Half the delegates represented sail training organisations, and half were from past, future and aspiring host ports. Almost a third of the sail training delegates were under the age of 26, including 12 members of the International Youth Forum created earlier in the year to give young people a stronger voice in Sail Training International.

The conference was hosted by the Turkish Chamber of Shipping with the closing Gala Dinner hosted by the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency. 

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To read a summary of each conference session, click on the relevant link below. The Powerpoint presentations and/or text of the speakers are provided at the bottom of each page.

Opening Plenary
Second Plenary
International Youth Forum
The Sea as a Classroom
“I want to get off the boat” – engaging with disengaged trainees
Sail Training Programme standards – sharing best practice
Sponsorship Programmes – funding Tall Ships events
Commercial Impact Studies – measuring the impact of Tall Ships events
Publicity – Timing is everything
EU Funding and Sail Training – “Is this a realistic funding source?”
Adventure NOT under sail – lessons from non-sail training youth organisations
Recruiting Trainees – maximize the numbers, not the costs
Sharing the Sail Training International experience – what goes right and what can go wrong
Incident analysis – where studying the past can prepare us for the future
Evaluation – Sail Training International’s self-help toolkit
Project Planning – what-to-do-when in order to maximize success
Ship Recruitment – what does it take?
Meeting the Needs of Trainees
Sensible Risk – balancing challenge with safety
Safety at Sea – sharing best practice
Liaison Systems – how to make them effective with the resources you have
The Value of Sail Training for Naval and Merchant Marine Cadets
Young Sail Trainers’ Session on Social Media
Annual Awards 2009