Kotka, Finland

Kotka is the second largest city in Kymenlaakso County, Finland. It is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, at the estuary of Kymi River. Kotka is known by its port, industry and Maritime festival. Kotka is also known as a multifaceted city of educational institutions and culture.
The City of Kotka was founded in 1879. Now the population is about 55.000. The area is 750 km2, but most of it is water, 272 km2 land. Kotka is located 130 km east from Helsinki and 290 km west from St. Petersburg; the highway no 18 runs through Kotka. In the city there are two centres, Kotkansaari (the Isle of Kotka) and Karhula.
The characteristics of Kotka are based on the sea and Kymi River. The port of HaminaKotka is the biggest universal, export and transhipment port in Finland. The main traffic consists of timber, paper, metal and stone.
Kymi River is famous for fishing; you may catch salmon, pike, whitefish, perch, and pikeperch. There are also many possibilities to paddle and shoot the rapids in the river. The archipelago of Kotka consists of tens of islands.
The city of Kotka welcomes the participants of the race and general public to experience various recreational activities and diverse cultural program during their stay here. Kotka is known for its rich art, culture and sports, and is ready to challenge the festival crowd to participate in all activities. We are dedicated to offer an experience you will not forget. 
As they say, third is a charm. The city of Kotka has hosted The Tall Ships Races previously in 1992 and 2007. The route to the City Port of Kotka leads thru the most beautiful archipelago of the eastern region of the Baltic Sea. 
Finland celebrates its 100th year jubilee in 2017 and The Tall Ships Races will be the biggest public event of the jubilee year. The city of Kotka welcomes you to participate in the celebration.

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