Halmstad, Sweden

Halmstad is known as being one of Sweden's most popular tourist summer destinations and is located on the west coast midway between Gothenburg and Malmö. The city features long stretches of beach, lush countryside, a charming downtown area close to the river Nissan and a great variety of golf courses. You can also enjoy historic sites, fine art and entertainment as well as different sports events. This large spread of things to do makes Halmstad an idyllic location for tourists of all kind.

In the year of 2011 Halmstad debuted as the final host port for the Tall Ships Races and got lots of praise for providing a top class experience for everybody involved. The city is now proud to present that the international race is coming back for the summer of 2017 and will offer a remarkable four-day festival as the starting host port.

Welcome back to Halmstad!

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