Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain will feature as the finish port for race two and the start port for race three . From here Tall Ship Race participants will enjoy Race 2 to the finish line off Sines, Portugal and then cruise-in company to A Coruna, Spain.

Cádiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in southern Spain and one of the oldest in southwestern Europe. Because of this, the complexity of this city is almost unparalleled. There's so much history to discover from this city, as across it's many years it has acted as a centre of power and influence at key in Spain's growth as a nation. 

But it's not all history and culture - Cadiz has developed a huge personality over the past four millennium. Those who visit acknowledge a fantastic energy and charm right from the moment you cross the Carranza Bridge in to the city and see the beautiful sea below. 

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