SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016

    Organised by Sail Training International


Welcome to Novorossiysk, Russia

Friday 16 - Monday 19 September

Novorossiysk, southern Russia, is the main Russian commercial sea port on the Black Sea and one of the few cities honoured with the Soviet title of Hero City.

Novorossiysk is based in the heart of the picturesque Tsemess bay of the Black Sea. Its climate is close to Mediterranean and Novorossiysk has been a popular sea resort for few centuries.

In ancient times there was a Greek colony called Bata, mentioned by Strabo and Ptolemy and in the Middle Ages Genoese merchants maintained a trade output there, focused mainly on grain. In XVIII сentury the bay was commanded by Ottomans.  In 1829 the coastline was ceded to Russia as a result of Russo-Turkish was, and in 1838, admirals Mikhail Lazarev and Nikolay Raevsky founded an eastern base for the Black Sea Fleet on the shore.

Nowadays Novorossiysk is Russia's main port on the Black Sea and it serves Russian sea trade with regions of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Mediterranian and South America. It is an important industrial city as well as a naval base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

There are more than 15 institutes of higher education in Novorossiysk and one of the biggest maritime educational establishments of Russia — Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University.

Tourist infrastructure includes comfortable beaches, sea resorts and sanatoriums. The pearl of the region is the freshwater lake Abrau. Apart from its natural beauty one could also enjoy the famous sparkling wine at winery Abrau-Dyurso, situated on its coast along with its vineyards. The winery and its cellars made of limestone were established in 1870 and now Abrau-Dyurso is the official supplier of the Kremlin.

The nature reserve Bolshoi Utrish is situated not far from Novorossiysk. It spreads 12 km along the coastline. Here you can see rare examples of flora and fauna, including Mediterranian turtles, sea eagles, mute swans and bottlenose dolphins. In Novorossiysk itself there are many museums (mainly devoted to the Second World War), monuments, beautiful lengthy embankments and a large park with park amusements. It is a vibrant city with many restaurants, bars and night clubs.

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