Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and sits on the west coast, nestled within the unique Kattegat – a unique body of water given shape by the Jutlandic Peninsula and the Straits of Denmark. Gothenburg ranks as the 12th most inventive city in the world, according to Forbes, and is known for hosting some of the largest annual events in Scandinavia. Among their biggest events is the Volvo Ocean Race, which will be hosted in the city for the third time in 2015.

Internationally renowned for great proactive environmental work, the Port of Gothenburg is the largest in all of the Nordic countries and their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and create sustainable transport fit in with the Gothenburg Port Authority’s efforts to become a carbon-neutral company this year.

Max Markusson, Director of Events at Gothenburg & Co said, "We are thrilled about hosting the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta in 2016. It is a great honor for Gothenburg to be able to give the extraordinary experience of a Tall Ships event to the passionate sailing fans in our part of the world."   

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