Lycamobile Mediterranean
Tall Ships Regatta 2013

    Organised by Sail Training International


Sailing Away

Time on board

More than a week has passed since we left Reunion. After only a short time at sea the days starts to merge together, and it doesn't take long before you start to lose track of what date it is. What day it is doesn't seem to matter any more. Either is on-watch or off-watch, nothing in between. A very relaxing and non-stressful way of living. Although after a bit, when you get into the watch system and the daily routines, time floats away in a very peaceful manner. Even if the winds haven't been the most favourable yet, we have at least been blessed with a bit of sunshine almost every day.

Captain Harko shows us the chart over the Indian Ocean, and everyday we can see how our plotted position slowly moves towards Australia. A bit to the south, a bit to the east. Steadily we're getting closer.

The meals on-board are not only of very high class, but they also act as joyful gatherings when you get to sit down and have a chat with all your fellow sailor companions. Young and old from different parts of the world gather together and share their experiences. There is so much to learn from everybody, and I'm sure our daily lectures will give us opportunities to increase our knowledge. The atmosphere on-board is very friendly and gives us opportunities for both talking to and getting to know people from all over the world. As well as moments of quiet reflection, sitting down and looking out over the blue waves of this massive ocean.

And on the other side Australia is waiting for us.