Dark blue - The Charity and its constituent committees.
Pale blue - Subsidiary Companies wholly owned by the Charity.

The various groups and entities that manage the affairs and activities of Sail Training International are described below.



Our Members are the National Sail Training Organisations of:

South Africa
Belgium France Lithuania
Bermuda Germany
Canada Greece
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America  
Czech Republic        
Denmark Ireland
Estonia Italy

The International Council comprises the representatives of Member organisations and a number of others with particular expertise and experience. The purpose of the International Council is to review, contribute to and approve policies, plans and budgets for implementation by the Trustees of the Charity and Directors of Subsidiary Companies. It also acts as an advisory body to the Trustees and Directors of Subsidiary Companies and approves the membership of a Governance and Audit Committee.

The Trustees are elected by the representatives of Member organisations and are responsible for managing the Charity’s affairs. They also appoint the boards of Directors of Subsidiary Companies and various Committees and Working Groups for specific projects.

The Governance and Audit Committee represents Members’ interests by providing independent oversight of the financial and other systems and policies of the Charity and its Subsidiary Companies. The Committee has independent access to STI’s auditors, and to the staff and records of the Charity and its Subsidiary Companies. Its members are a qualified lawyer, a qualified accountant and a representative of Member organisations, none of whom may be Trustees of the Charity or Directors of a Subsidiary Company.

The Class A Tall Ships Forum was created in 2004 to provide assistance and services specifically focused on the needs and interests of Class A sail training Tall Ship operators. Membership of the Forum already exceeds 60 operators, the overwhelming majority of the world's Class A sail training fleet.

Sail Training International also has a number of International Goodwill Ambassadors. These are people with a strong and long affiliation with our organisation, its mission and principles. They are called upon occasionally to represent or support our interests with others. Currently they are: John Hamilton OBE, Captain Terry Hughes FNI FRIN, Sir Robin Knox Johnston CBE, Sean Flood, Dr Giovanni Novi and Rear Admiral Rothesay Swan AO CBE.

Subsidiary Companies

The boards of Directors of Subsidiary Companies are responsible for managing the ‘trading’ activities of Sail Training International. Only four of the Directors are paid members of staff, the rest being unpaid volunteers.

Sail Training International Group Limited is the parent trading company for our trading activities. It is responsible (on behalf of all trading activities) for staff and office infrastructure, the provision of financial and other services, managing publicity activities and materials (eg website, magazine, press releases, etc). It is also responsible for organising the STI Annual Conference and Seminars. But, importantly, it does not organise or manage Races and Events. It has the following Subsidiary Companies, nominates the Directors of these companies (subject to Trustees’ prior approval) and endorses their plans, budgets and policies (also subject to Trustees’ approval), along with the appointment of related committees (e.g Race Operations Committee).

Tall Ships Races (Europe) Limited is responsible for our traditional annual summer series of The Tall Ships Races in Europe for young people.

Tall Ships International Limited is responsible for all other events we organise or are involved with worldwide, including consultancy contracts.

The Race Operations Committee advises the various boards of directors on technical aspects of the races organised by Sail Training International, including course and port selection, racing and sailing rules and safety equipment requirements.


While management of the activities of Sail Training International depends heavily on volunteers, the staff team is critical to the success of the organisation.  This includes:

The commercial team responsible for marketing and publicity, contract and project management, finance and administration.

The race directorate, responsible for the technical management of races for sail training Tall Ships.

International Youth Council

Young people are at the heart of Sail Training International's purpose and activities. The International Youth Council was launched in March 2009 to:

•  ensure the decision making entities and processes in Sail Training International take account of the views and interests of young people in developing strategies and activities for the future, and
• enhance the credibility of the organisation and its focus on young people with key external organisations and authorities.